Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Should You Tip the Tipper?

I came across a site called daytipper. The site reportedly pays the writer $3 for every published tip. From all accounts the site is pretty cool. However and this is a BIG HOWEVER I have a serious issue with their intellectual property rights position. Essentially, daytipper says that for every post that you submit even if they do not publish it -meaning you want get paid your $3 (you're only paid for published works) that daytipper owns your copyright.

If you are homeless as I once was without work perhaps the $3 would be worth you giving up your copyrights, I'd say not, but then again I don't know your situation. Being a copyright creator, owner and business consultant I'd never advise you to relinquish "all" copyrights. Read the other post on this blog,,, and to access many other ways to make money online with giving up "all" your copyrights.

For details on how to protect your copyrights download the Atlanta Music Industry Connection or Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebooks by JaWar.

Below are the details found at daytipper as it relates to your copyright.

Do I retain usage and intellectual property rights to my submitted tips?

Submitters do relinquish all rights, copyrights, and intellectual property rights, implied or otherwise, to Daytipper for every tip submitted, regardless of publication or payment status. Whether published or not, Daytipper gains all copyright, usage, and intellectual property rights to the content entered by any and all users who click “Submit” on the Submit A Tip page.


Luis Galarza - Internet Marketing Consultant said...

A quick buck doesn't have to cost your rights for your intellectual property.... This is a big NO, NO!

As a business and marketing blogger the "Make Money Online" subject is one of my main blog categories and I would never recommend you such a service to make fast cash.

You better of publishing your own blog and post your tips there, then strategically add some Adsense and affiliate programs, done. You have yourself a your own money system.

Yours Truly,

Luis Galarza,

Internet Marketing For The Poor!

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José said...

Indeed one should consider carefully before giving up copyright.
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Otherwise there are very few things where one should do that.
Of course that one could retain the logo's copyright and sign a contract as to never sell or publish that logo.

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