Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Make Money Online with Videos

You can make money online using videos that other people have created and edited. You can also make money by sharing your videos with other people. Below is the wording I use to let people know about my videos. You get twenty (20%) just sharing videos with other people.

When someone downloads one of the videos using your affiliate links you get 20% of the ad revenue appearing in the video. When someone clicks on the ads at the end of the video you get 20% of the ad revenue. Twenty percent may not seem like a lot, but you set yourself up to earn residual/passive income without having to spend a dime.

Click on the selected music business video links below and see how the videos look.

Select your favorite music business videos by JaWar (New Music Business Model, Music Business Make Money Online, Music Business Fame and Fortune, Music Industry Connection Books, etc.) send them to friends, embed them in your blog or website, or even make your very own podcast with them and make money online for sharing!

There are lots of ways to share music business videos by JaWar. You may email them with the send to a friend button, embed them in your blog or social networking profile, create an RSS feed or podcast of them or download and share them over Peer-to-Peer networks. As long as you’re a Registered Revver Member, sharing music business videos by JaWar can help you make money online in the music industry. Click Here to Register, share music business videos by JaWar and make money online. It's FREE to Register.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Should You Tip the Tipper?

I came across a site called daytipper. The site reportedly pays the writer $3 for every published tip. From all accounts the site is pretty cool. However and this is a BIG HOWEVER I have a serious issue with their intellectual property rights position. Essentially, daytipper says that for every post that you submit even if they do not publish it -meaning you want get paid your $3 (you're only paid for published works) that daytipper owns your copyright.

If you are homeless as I once was without work perhaps the $3 would be worth you giving up your copyrights, I'd say not, but then again I don't know your situation. Being a copyright creator, owner and business consultant I'd never advise you to relinquish "all" copyrights. Read the other post on this blog,,, and to access many other ways to make money online with giving up "all" your copyrights.

For details on how to protect your copyrights download the Atlanta Music Industry Connection or Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebooks by JaWar.

Below are the details found at daytipper as it relates to your copyright.

Do I retain usage and intellectual property rights to my submitted tips?

Submitters do relinquish all rights, copyrights, and intellectual property rights, implied or otherwise, to Daytipper for every tip submitted, regardless of publication or payment status. Whether published or not, Daytipper gains all copyright, usage, and intellectual property rights to the content entered by any and all users who click “Submit” on the Submit A Tip page.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Make Money Online or 9 to 5 Job?

Making Money Online isn't a get rich quick scheme, it requires time and patience. The difference between making money online and working a 9 to 5 job(just-over-broke) position is this, typically, you have to do some form of manual labor for a set amount of time to get paid from your 9 to 5 job. Once you leave your 9 to 5 you stop getting paid. When you set up your systems correctly to make money online you don't have to do manual labor to continue making money. In fact, you set yourself up for earning residual/passive income.

Making money on the Internet also gives you the ability to create multiple streams of revenue. Many of the make money online sites and blogs generate revenue from pay per click ads, affiliate programs and direct sells, etc. Selling your own ebook on your site or blog is an example of direct sells. Writing and publishing an ebook is very rewarding. Click here to use the same system I use to publish all of my ebooks.